First Workshop about Scientific Strategic Management in Cuba

In february the first part of the DIES-NMT Training for directors, vice-directors and head of departments took place at the University of La Habana, Cuba. The 20 participants was introduced in project management by Mrs Beatriz Aragon the Head of Project and Events office of the University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba. Further there getted inputs about Project opportunities with DAAD programs from Mrs Ulrike Dorfmüller, lector of DAAD in Havanna.

First Workshop in Myanmar about Higher Education Institutional Management

In Mandalay University, the wirst part of the DIES-NMT Training took place in the end of february. In Myanmar the central topic was the Transformation of Myanmar's Higher Education System: National Education Strategic Plan (2016-2021). The participants discussed different transformation strategies and explored there proper action plan in there institution.

Indonesia Daeans' Course for Private Higher Education Institution (INADC-PHEI)

In University of Surabaya 25 rectors, vice-directors and deans met to explore there personal change project in each institution.