Republic of the Philippines

DIES-International Deans' Course Philippines (DIES-IDCP)



About the training:

The training aims to prepare middle managers of public and private institutions for the challenges of holding a higher education management position with the potential and competence to lead in a fast-changing education landscape. It deals with current issues in strategic management, leadership, quality assurance, and internationalization, and in managing human resource, finance, research, and change using case studies and PAPs.


Expected learning outcomes:

By the end of the training course the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the current developments in the higher education system in the Philippines and in the global context.
  • Gain a greater understanding and awareness of their work situation and functional management.
  • Understand change processes in the fast-moving higher education environment and effect change in their workplace and situation using a project action plan (PAP).
  • Implement PAP and evaluate it during the course and to discuss the lesson learned with other participants.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to develop relationships, manage conflicts, engage in conflict productively, and work toward conflict resolution.
  • Develop partnerships and networks with other institutions.


Target group:

The target participants of this training program are 25 deans, vice-deans, directors, and department heads from HEIs in the Philippines.


Training dates:

  1. Workshop I: 17th February - 20th February 2020
  2. Workshop II: 6th July - 9th July 2020 (Postponed to November/December 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak)


Training committee

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Dungca
De La Salle University, Republic of the Philippines

Prof. Dr. Gladys Nivera
Philippine Normal University, Republic of the Philippines

Prof. Dr. Antriman Orleans
Philippine Normal University, Republic of the Philippines

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Taboada
University of San Carlos, Republic of the Philippines


Prof. Dr. Flordeliza Anastacio
Centro Escolar University Malolos, Republic of the Philippines

Prof. Dr. Peter Mayer
Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Germany

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