Training on Senior University Management


Training on Senior University Management

DIES-NMT | 1 September 2018

The second workshop in Ghana in the framework of the "DIES National Multiplication Training Programme" took place between August 27th and 29th, 2018.

The workshop venue was at the Miotso Campus of Centray University (Accra), the biggest private university in Ghana with about 8500 undergraduate students. About 30 participants from different Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ghana (public and private) participanted in this workshop.

As the target groups of the mulitilication training is senior university staff, the participants were deans, head of departments or director for quality assurance from various HEIs in Ghana.

The workshop focusing on university management aimed on preparing academics for middle and senior level university administration by equipping them with administrative and governance competencies. The expected learning outcomes of the training were to provide the participants with a clear elucidation of contemporary issues that affect the goverance of HEIs; competencies in designing and implementing strategies required for managing twenty-first centry HEIs; knowledge about internationalisation of HEIs. Another element of the training was that every participant implemented a project at their HEI using a Project Action Plan. These projects were accompanied and counseled by the members of the training committee and the experts during the whole training.

The didactical approach of the workshop was diverse- there were inputs and presentation, peer counseling sessions and group work. All the participants also contined to work on their own projects developed in the framework of the training.

by Marcel Faaß