National Multiplication Trainings in 2020


National Multiplication Trainings in 2020

DIES-NMT | 31 August 2020


Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19), training courses under NMT programme were suspended between the middle of March and beginning of July. In face of such a situation, the trainers in the NMT programme have managed to find alternative solutions and reconceptualised their training from face-to-face workshop to an online implementation.

Owing to the great effort of the trainer teams, NMT workshops resumed in the middle of July, when trainers in Iran carried out a NMT workshop on Sustainable Development with a blended-learning approach. The online workshop in Namibia on Proposal Writing was successfully completed at the end of July. Hence, NMT is continuing to support the development in higher education management in the target regions.

For more information on the NMT courses, please visit the  “Trainings” website. It consists of training courses in the NMT Cohort (2017-2018) and NMT Cohort (2019-2020). Apart from the general information about different training courses such as expected learning outcomes and target group, the website also introduces the trainers involved in the different training workshops, whom you can get acquaintance with a short resume.

For more information, please contact the Project-Coordination Team at nmt@uni-potsdam.de.

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