Train the Trainer


NMT Train the Trainers 21/22

The NMT Programme starts a new cohort 21/22, in which 17 DIES alumni trainer teams will be supported to implement multiplication training in their home countries across ASEAN, Africa and Latin America.

In order to prepare the selected DIES alumni for their role as trainers and facilitators in their own training, a Train the Trainers workshop was offered to them at the Programme level. The workshop started on 30 September live over Zoom, followed by one-week asynchronous self-learning. There was a resume of live sessions from 11-15 October.

At the workshop, the participants were able to enrich their knowledge on training design and implementation, on different ways of adult learning as well as interactive didactic methods. Further, they were able to discuss their training concept with experts and peers in the fields of higher education management such as internationalisation, faculty management, university leadership and quality assurance. During the cultural activity session, they visited downtown Berlin around the Alexanderplatz live over Zoom.

The workshop was completed successfully on 15 October. The alumni trainers will apply the knowledge gained during the workshop to their own training starting from November this year. The very first multiplication training workshop will take place in the Philippines on 6 November on Faculty Management.