Guatemala - Leading for Change in Higher Education

About the training:

The goal of the training is to empower and prepare Deans and Heads of Department to better lead and manage their units, ensuring better performance and impact in their home institution and, through their work in higher education, their country. The objectives are: Build local capacity in HRM and change management as a key activity for effective University leadership. Empower participants through tools and strategies to build better teams, manage change projects, and improve performance. Coach participants in the formulation and implementation of an HRM-related change project in their institution.

Expected learning outcomes:

By the end of the training course the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand relevant concepts and issues in HRM, including recruitment, motivation and development, assessment and incentives, and the relevance of strategic HRM as a competitive advantage.
  • Reflect on their universities or their unit’s HRM, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Identify organizational drivers of a change initiative and the links with governance and HRM structures.
  • Apply an appropriate process framework to help plan, understand, support, and sustain organizational change.
  • Build, establish, and coach a team with a clear framework of roles, skills, and actions through which clear goals and projects can be achieved.
  • Develop appropriate communication and conflict resolution strategies to better manage teams, stakeholders, and resistance to change.
  • Learn the role and function of a Project Action Plan, and acquire the basic knowledge to apply it in their HEIs.

Target group:

The target group includes 25 deans or heads of departments from Guatemala’s 15 universities, who have not previously attended a DIES course and have proposed significant change projects for their institutions.

Training dates:

  1. Workshop I:  3rd February - 7th February 2020

  2. Workshop II: 10th November - 1st December 2020 (online)

Training committee

Adrián F. Gil

Eduardo Alvarez

Mónica Stein


Nida Bajwa

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