Sierra Leone - Training on Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development for HEIs in Sierra Leone

About the training:

The training was designed to train/equip quality assurance officers or those interested in quality assurance with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a quality assurance unit in their institutions. The first Workshop will involve understanding quality concepts, the work of a quality assurance officer, and how to establish quality assurance units in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) whilst the second workshop will focus on curriculum development and review. Facilitators/trainers both national and international will guide participants in conceptualizing and executing their personal application project (PAP). Participants will work on their PAPs during the first workshop and the period between the first workshop and the second workshop.

Expected learning outcomes:

By the end of the training course the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Set up an internal quality assurance unit (IQA) in their institutions.
  • Understand the procedures and processes in developing a quality assurance unit.
  • Understand quality concepts.
  • Learn project management and risks involved in executing a project.
  • Learn the importance of a self-assessment report and how to conduct it.

Target group:

The target participants of this training program are academic staff (e.g. quality assurance officers, lecturers, deans), administrative staff (e.g. registry staff), management staff of academic institutions.

Training dates:

  1. Workshop I: 24th August - 29th August 2020

  2. Workshop II: 18th November - 20th November 2020

Training committee

Ronnie Frazer-Williams

Samba Moriba


Ina Grieb

Michael Mawa

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