Internationalisation for Inclusive and Quality Education in Peruvian Universities

About the training

The project aims to develop capacities in the participants (International Office staff and internationalisation managers) to establish internationalisation processes to improve the quality and inclusion of the academic programmes of their respective institutions, seeking to renew the Peruvian Institutional Operating Licence, according to national regulations.

It comprises a 9-month training period (from September 2023 to May 2024) with an innovative and flexible pedagogical approach (with online sessions, lectures and face-to-face workshops) that allows participants to acquire knowledge and take advantage of a community of practice on internationalisation. The group of trainees comprised 21 officials working in the internationalisation offices of 14 public and private universities in Peru. The goals of this training are:

  • To provide participants with a better understanding of what internationalisation is from two perspectives: the commonly known as internationalisation abroad or cross-border internationalisation and the one with the most impact and sustainability over time known as internationalisation at home (campus-based).
  • To foster a deep understanding of what internationalisation is highlighting the importance of its conception from the context of each university and region.
  • To advise the participants in the development of a project that can be applied in their HEIs with an impact on the internationalisation of the curriculum.
  • To promote the importance of developing intercultural skills as part of the internationalised curriculum.

To expand the learning community (professional network) between internationalisation officers of universities in Peru, generating synergies that will translate into opportunities for future collaboration.

Expected learning outcomes

By the end of the NMT-Peru, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills for implementing internationalisation processes that contribute to improving the quality of the academic programs at the participants’ universities, and thus, trigger better inclusion processes.
  • Understand basic concepts of managing the internationalisation of higher education to successfully undergo the renewal processes of their Institutional License, according to Peruvian regulations.
  • Learn and identify in their institutions the theoretical approaches and purposes of internationalisation and internationalisation of the curriculum.
  • Learn and select internationalisation strategies for the curriculum relevant to the curricular approach of each higher education institution.
  • Learn about international cooperation at different levels (governments, national agencies, academia, etc.)
  • Identify and understand the intersection between project management and the promotion of cooperation between higher education institutions.
  • Learn about the German education system and identify the dos and don'ts for successful collaboration with German universities and applied science universities.

Target group

Our target group is Peruvian public and private regional universities, authorised to operate by the National Superintendence of University Higher Education (SUNEDU - Superintendencia Nacional de Educación Superior Universitaria). SUNEDU is a specialised technical public agency, attached to the Ministry of Education, responsible for granting the authorization to offer higher education services.

Training dates

  1. Workshop I: 10th - 13th October 2023

  2. Workshop II: 4th - 7th March 2024

Training committee

Diana Alejandra González

Cristina Eftimie

María Alejandra Maldonado Adrián

Erick Sánchez-Robles

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