Argentina - Proposal Writing for Renewable Energy Grants

About the training:

The course is part of the NMT program, and its main objective is to multiply, in the Latin American region, the training received by the training team of the course, in writing research projects. The training will be conducted in Spanish and it is aimed at young researchers at the beginning or the middle of their scientific career. The objective is to train them in the elaboration of high-level proposals for research on the energy use of renewable resources. These proposals must be presented in funding institutions for research grants at national or international level. Each participant will have the opportunity to adapt its proposal to the selected funding institution.

Expected learning outcomes:

By the end of the training course the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Promote ethical and balanced research attitudes in universities and research centers.
  • Find grants opportunities for research purposes in the clean energy area.
  • Identify the precise target population and geographical location for the research.
  • Write down a high-quality research proposal draft.
  • Complete the documentation process for applying for research grants at the national and international levels.
  • Increase the chances of funding.

Target group:

The target group is young researchers at the beginning or the middle of their scientific careers. The course has a total of 21 young researchers, who were selected after a call. The list of participants includes ten participants from Argentina, six from Colombia, one from Cuba, four from Ecuador, one from Mexico, and one from Perú. Due to its international and multicultural nature, the course provides an effective space to promote the cooperation and integration of researchers from different countries.

Training dates:

  1. Workshop I: 11th May – 26th June 2020 (online)

  2. Workshop II: 13th July – 28th August 2020 (online)

  3. Workshop III: 14th December – 18th December 2020  (Promotional Video)

Training committee

Maximiliano Martinez

Sergio R. Rivera

Andrés Romero

Gaston Orlando Suvire


Camilo Cortes

Juan Guzman

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