Abebe Dinku


Professor Dr.-Ing. Abebe Dinku is the Vice-President for Institutional Development of Addis Ababa University and Chairholder of Construction Materials and Management at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, AAiT (Addis Ababa Institute of Technology), Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Prof. (Dr.-Ing.) Abebe Dinku is a civil engineer by profession who studied for his BSc degree at Addis Ababa University (1982), Ethiopia; obtained MSc and MPhil degrees from the University of Leeds, UK (1987, 1991) and Dr.-Ing. from the University of Stuttgart, Germany (1996). Prof. (Dr.-Ing.) Abebe is active in teaching and practical research activities and provides consultancy services, both to local and international organizations. Prof. Abebe is a Founding member and Fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and Editor in Chief of ZEDE, Journal of Ethiopian Engineers and Architects. Prof. Abebe Dinku has been a regional trainer for the DIES-IDC (International Deans’ Course) since 2007.

Training's expertise

  • University Management/Leadership

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  • English

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  • Ethiopia

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