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NMT Closing and Training of Trainers Workshops in Berlin

The NMT Joint Closing and Training of Trainers Conference held in Berlin is already over. The delegates from the old and new NMT teams had a chance to participate in the workshops and to get to know Germany a little bit better.

At the end of July, we had the pleasure of hosting the NMT conference in Berlin/Potsdam. Teams from the 2021-2022 and 2023-2024 NMT cohorts had the opportunity to participate in the training led by the experts and meet and exchange their experiences. The Closing workshop for the 21-22 group focused on concluding the past two years: the evaluation of the projects, the challenges and success stories of their implementation, and the ways forward to maintain the alumni network and nurture the cooperation developed during the project’s duration. The Training of Trainers Workshop, for the 23-24 group, focused on planning the training and developing the programme, emphasising adult learning, workshop moderation, and the proposed methods. Participants received training on how to mentor their projects as well. Besides those separate sessions, on the third day of the conference, both groups gathered to share gained knowledge and participate in the poster session, where every 21-22 NMT team could present their project, discuss the opportunities and challenges encountered during its implementation, and relay the lessons learnt to the new cohort.

On the fourth day of the conference, our guests visited Potsdam, where they toured the campus and participated in the panel discussion on the very topical subject of AI in higher education institutions. Afterwards, there was time for well-deserved relaxation and entertainment in the form of the Sanssouci Palace and Berlin tours. The day, and the conference, was concluded by a farewell dinner in Berlin.

We thank all our guests for their eager participation in the workshops. We hope it was a beautiful and enriching experience for you all and that you left Berlin with new knowledge, energy to work on your projects, and good impressions from your stay in Germany. Thank you and see you at the next NMT conference!