Internationalisation for Peacebuilding


Internationalisation for Peacebuilding

DIES-NMT | 2 September 2018

The training in Colombia focused on internationalisation for peacebuilding for the higher education insitutions in former confilict-hit regions.

Following the Peace Agreement signed in 2016, Colombian society is entering an era of post-conflict development. Higher education as a driving force for the change and development of the society plays an important role in the course. Under this circumstance, four higher education practitioners from four HEIs initiated a joint training on internationlisation for peacebuilding to promote the internationalisation at HEIs in former conflict regions.

17 higher education managers from 9 institutions were invited to attend the two training workshops. The first one in March 2018 focused on the internationalisation management such as strategies of internationalisation at home, international visibility and positioning, and international curriculum, while the second workshop in June discussed the intercultural competencies and international fundng possibilities.

The workshops proved to be very profitable for the participants. Although most of them are the head of international office, only few ever attended trainings in terms of internationalisation management. This training has not only brought them insight into the theoretical and practical aspects of internationalisation in higher education, but also bridge them with various funding entities, which support international projects and student mobility.

by Xia Qin